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High Country Views – At Affordable Prices

Safe Trees. Big View.

Enjoy the natural beauty of the high country, without fear of falling trees or branches.


Mature, healthy trees – in the right places – add value and visual impact to your property. But don’t let them spoil your view or threaten your safety. Dead or overhanging trees and branches create a dangerous liability.

Professional Care.

For a fair and affordable price, the pros at Northwest will open up your view, remove threatening or unappealing trees and limbs, and create a gorgeous natural canopy. We also work wonders with natural area make-overs, leaving select trees, so you preserve your property’s natural beauty, while adding that extra degree of care.

Our well-trained technicians and experienced climbers employ up-to-date equipment to get the job done safely. We use extreme care. We clean up so well, you wouldn’t even know we’d been there – except for the stunning enhancements to your property’s beauty, safety and view.


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We do firewood, too!

  • Split

  • Delivered

     Our Services
  • Tree removal and clean-up

  • View enhancement

  • Chipping and disposal

  • Limbing-up

  • Pruning and re-shaping

  • Storm damage clean-up

  • Removal of overgrowth

  • Clearing and beautification of natural areas, leaving select trees

We engaged Northwest for an extremely difficult, complex and dangerous job, ... Northwest brought experienced climbers to methodically bring down the tall trees in pieces. They had all the equipment necessary for the job, and a great work crew. They were very professional in every way.”

​          ~ Janet & Hardin Halsey