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See the Difference.  

Remove a few trees or branches and you can see your yard in a whole new light!

Here's a look at some of our past jobs:

Our customers’ most common request is to remove trees or branches that are either dangerous, unattractive, or in the way.  The first photo on the left shows a large dead tree - always a hazard.  In the next photo the home has no breathing room at all!  We removed these trees safely, hauled away the pieces, and cleaned up after the job.

Before and After Photos

With this inexpensive view enhancement job for a customer in West Jefferson, we eliminated just a few trees and limbs to create a dramatic difference, while preserving the “tree house” feeling of the customer’s back deck.

This job below illustrates the benefits of “limbing up.”

Saplings and scrub plants grow quickly - right up over your view. Let us do some clearing - you'll see a real difference!

This double-trunked tree was MUCH too close to the home and deck, threatening the structure.

These Before and After shots show how removing just one tree can improve the view.

This home overlooking the Mountain Aire golf course already had a great view, but with the removal of one large tree and one large branch, the view felt a lot more open and less like “tunnel vision.”

All too often in the High Country, trees or limbs come crashing down during wind storms, damaging houses, cars and even people.

Let us take care of it before anything bad happens!

We received an emergency call from these customers, after a large tree fell on their house.  We were able to provide same-day service and fix the problem immediately.

Did you notice the car under the tree on the left? Look to the right and you'll see our job in progress, as we uncover the poor car and clean up the mess.

In this storm damage situation (before and after shots below) the storm left not only debris for us to clean up, but also a large branch that landed on and damaged the deck.

Is there a view back there somewhere?

Yup.  I see it now.

We have the equipment to go as high as you need us to...  Or, we'll stay low to the ground.

Before (left) and after (above) photos of clearing a slope.